The Art and Craft of Popular Music

This June 2002 release is two discs of Joy Electric goodness. The first disc contains two songs from the Starcadia EP, eight previously unreleased songs, two older songs redone to a newer style, and three remixes of We Are Rock, making a total of 15 songs. The new songs are excellent, with Melody/Old Wives Tales-esque lyrics and Starcadia-esque music. The second disc is a "greatest hits"-type compilation, sampling 19 songs from each of the previous albums except The White Songbook. The liner notes are worth close attention, there is an entire booklet of them. It begins with an introduction by Chris Short and procedes with Ronnie's thoughts on each of the CDs he has put out. All in all, very worth running to buy. Go on, run!

Disc One:
The Matterhorn
Dance To Moroder
Such A Beautiful Thought
Ringing Bells
Mistletoe & Molasses
Apples of Gold
We'll Last So Long
Farmhouse Fables
Weep in the Sunshine
Come In, Brother
Every Nook and Cranny
Blueberry Boats (and Pink Elephants)
We Are Rock (The Faint Remix)
We Are Rock (The Norway Remix)
We Are Rock (The Echoing Green Remix)

Disc Two:
Drum Machine Joy
Candycane Carriage
Analogue Grand Diary
Sweet Sweet Charity
Keep Him in Your Thoughts
Five Stars For Failure
Burgundy Years
I Beam, You Beam
The Cobbler
Sugar Rush
The Robot Beat
The North Sea
Disco For A Ride
Singing In Gee
Children of the Lord
I Sing Electric
These Should Be The Good Times