Rapture Day Bliss

Rapture Day, I can feel you
Drawing near, to take me with you
Rapture Day, I will love you
Taking me to Jesus
Caught up with no time
Taking me to Jesus, learning how to fly
Hail to the King, riding through the stars
Riding on a white horse
I've gained all touch, hoping to be found
With the lion on my lips
Riding through you, there could be nothing more
I'll never lose this feeling
Pushing close for you
To shape me through the space
And bring me close to yourself
Pureness, bliss and joy
Rapture Day's upon me
No sense of ground, I'm light and hovering
And racing round the Northern stars
Reflect the sun, you're pouring through my soul
And dipping me in your love
My home to be, lifting through the stars
Soaring over light speed
I'm here to stay, beaming towards the Lamb
Becoming what you made me