The Dance House Chilren


This was Ronnie's first effort at electronic music, and his first synthesizer was an Ensoniq ESQ-1. The Dance House Children recorded two albums, "Songs and Stories" in 1991, and "Jesus" in 1992.

Now the controversy begins. Jason split at this point and went off to form Starflyer 59 (Ronnie referenced to "Jason Martin... and his new band Starflyer 2000" in the Rainbow Rider liner notes). Jason had been working on a handful of guitar songs on the side while helping with the Jesus album, and when Brandon Ebel of Tooth and Nail Records heard and liked an early demo, Jason turned to pursue his own music project. Ronnie released another album with his sister, Amy, in 1993 and it was supposedly Dance House Children's "Rainbow Riders Beautiful Dazzling Music Number One". But many fans thought that Rainbow Rider was the new band name, and the album was simply "Beautiful Dazzling Music Number One". Ronnie used to protest that it was another Dance House Children album, but the name stuck.