Aaron, a.k.a. Fluxx Capacitor

Q1) When and how did you first find Joy Electric?
When I was about 7 and my brother was twelve he would always bring home tapes of different bands he liked. So one day he came home with Melody on cassette and my whole family loved it. So I more or less grew up on Je.

Q2) Previous to JoyE, what did you listen to?
to be perfectly honest....I can't remember....

Q3) How has JoyE influenced your musical tastes?
Much, I think it opened my mind to the whole techno scene, influenced my electric audio production as well as just my very approach towards music. Being a musician I can always listen to the new Je stuff and appreciate it, for its musicality alone, let alone its mesmerizing melodies.

Q4) How has JoyE influenced your life?
It was one of the key factors growing up that caused me to really want to step out and be different. I knew very few others in my school like that kind of thing so just walking around the school blasting it through my headphones was enough to make me different.

Q5) Which JoyE albums do you own?
Melody, Five Stars, Robot Rock, Christian songs, Unelectric, the Art and Craft of popular music, The White Songbook, Tick Tock Treasury and.....I think that's it...

Q6) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE album, and why?
Currently The Tick Tock Treasury. Simply because I love them all equally but The Tick Tock Treasury is the newest, so I haven't heard it as much... either that or Melody simply because it was the first...

Q7) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE song, and why?
I'd have to say The Girl From Rosewood Lane, just because its such a timeless classic that will be able to move me until the day I die.

Q8) Have you seen Ronnie perform live? What did you think of the show?
very very unfortunately, I have never seen Ronnie live. Such are the downfalls of growing up in the cultural desert that is Vermont.

Q9) Have you ever talked to Ronnie before? What did you think of him?
Ronnie and I have exchanged e-mails on numerous occasions just about random stuff. Usually about getting my tunes on the next plastiq musiq comp or something to that effect. I'd really like to get to know him a little more just cuz he's such a neat guy. But I guess everybody says that so it'll probably never happen...

Q10) Tell me your favorite Ronnie anecdote
this one time, I listened to his music.....it was awesome....

Q11) What makes JoyE such a great band, to you?
Just his fierce sense of originality. Even to this day he can produce mesmerizing melodies from scratch that completely defy everything else that is out there at the time, popular music wise.. I don't know, I just love it.

Q12) What kind of music do you listen to, besides JoyE?
Outside of Je I'm a huge Ramones fan. I was pretty deep into the punk rock scene back in highschool, but I always liked the oldskool punk bands. The Clash, the Ramones, etc... Oh yeah and Ska. I started listening to ska at a very young age when my Bro brought home the first Supertones album on tape and I loved it, only to find there were a million more ska bands out there better then they.