Blake, a.k.a. takeyourdreamsastheycome

Q1) When and how did you first find Joy Electric?
my friends refered me too it

Q2) Previous to JoyE, what did you listen to?
secular music e.g. papa roach, moby, madanna

Q3) How has JoyE influenced your musical tastes?
got me started in christian music, and it got me into electrical music

Q4) How has JoyE influenced your life?
as i said, got me back into christian music, i stoppped having the negative affect the secular lyrics had on me

Q5) Which JoyE albums do you own?
the cobbler, melody, north sea, robot rock, christiansongs, starcadia, white songbook, un-electric, tick tock treasury
unfortunately no dance house childeren, although i downloaded a song or two

Q6) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE album, and why?
it talks the most about christianity and your walk with christ... go figure

Q7) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE song, and why?
make my life a prayer to you
because thats the way i want my life to honour God

Q8) Have you seen Ronnie perform live? What did you think of the show?
it was like nothin else id ever seen, moshing to electric music.... brought a tear to my eye :D

Q9) Have you ever talked to Ronnie before?
yes, hes a good guy, seems pretty genuine

Q10) Tell me your favorite Ronnie anecdote
well, i havent talked to him enough for him to tell

Q11) What makes JoyE such a great band, to you?
good music, great message

Q12) What kind of music do you listen to, besides JoyE?
black metal, hardcore rock, punk, ska, emo, dance, trance