Cora, a.k.a. no1forme

Q1) When and how did you first find Joy Electric?
I was at church with my mom on a weekday (she worked there), bored out of my mind, and my youth pastor put in the Tooth & Nail video #5. I sat there and watched it... I was still bored. And the end of the movie cam and I was like "that is it?" and I waited some more, because he had said there was more after it said "the end", so I found a more comfy way to sit, and then... I saw a colorful screen, and lots of beeps and bleeps, I sat up and watched this cute guy do a funky dance, other people twirling around, and this guy who was going bald play this funky sort of key board. I was awe struck. I loved it and hated it at the same time. I had never really heard that style of music before. I didn't know what I was about to get into... I had found a favorite band. Favorite because they were different, they didn't care, and the lead singer was cute.

Q2) Previous to JoyE, what did you listen to?
Avalon, Crystal Lewis were the ones I listen to most often. And of course Dc Talk. And when ever I felt rebelious I would listen to Marilyn Manson or Korn.

Q3) How has JoyE influenced your musical tastes?
It has helped me to appriciate different styles of music, with out saying "this isn't what I usually listen to".

Q4) How has JoyE influenced your life?
By forming me into someone who doesn't let what other people say usualy bother me all that much.

Q5) Which JoyE albums do you own?
umm... Dance House Children- Jesus and Songs & stories, Rainbow Rider, Melody, Five Stars for Failure, We are the Music Makers, Old Wives Tales, Robot Rock, We are the misfits, Christian Songs, Unelectric, 3 song prerelease ot TWSB, The White Song Book, and finally The Art and Craft of Popular Music... SO all of them besides Children of the Lord maxi single, cause I can't find it anywhere, other wise I would have that too.

Q6) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE album, and why?
Christian Songs. Because it is the one that got me hooked on JoyE, and plus Ronnie gave me that cd, my first JoyE cd, he gave me:).

Q7) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE song, and why?
Umm... hard question. I would have to say either Sweet Sweet Charity or Weep in the Sunshine.

Q8) Have you seen Ronnie perform live? What did you think of the show?
Yes I have. I have seen them seven times so far, and plan to see them again. My first concert I was awe struck, and laughing. There were people dancing like they would at a rave. It was amusing, as for the band, it was awesome. After the concert I was shy, so my youth pastor brought me up to him, and Ronnie gave me a cd, and he signed it.

Q9) Have you ever talked to Ronnie before? What did you think of him?
Yes I have talked to him at every concert I have been to. I really got to talk to him at c-stone 2002, and at the new years party. He is a great guy. Very compassionate, and warm. Very funny too.

Q10) Tell me your favorite Ronnie anecdote
hehe... okay... He has this thing with bandannas and side burns... He says there are his "rockstar" qualities... very funny to see him ask a croud what they think of his "rockstar bandannas".

Q11) What makes JoyE such a great band, to you?
Because Ronnie, is a real person, he doesn't hide who he is. It is all about God through the music. I love it and Ronnie.

Q12) What kind of music do you listen to, besides JoyE?
Starflyer 59, T.A.T.U., Marilyn Manson, Phil Joel, Newsboys, and Linkin Park are what I have been playing lately.