Fan Interviews


Here is my collection of fan interviews. To add your answers, submit the form behind that link and I'll add yours as soon as I can.

Tom, a.k.a. Coldblue
Cora, a.k.a. no1forme
Noemi, a.k.a. synthfemme
Josh, a.k.a. MelodyMaker
Emily, a.k.a. JoyElectricFreak
Daniel, a.k.a. DxTx
Blake, a.k.a. takeyourdreamsastheycome
Ray, a.k.a. rayboyindustries
Fred, a.k.a. CaptainNegro
Aaron, a.k.a. Fluxx Capacitor
Zach, a.k.a. D.J.Z.
Jesso, a.k.a. the webmistress of this site, a.k.a ME!