Jesso (me)

Q1) When and how did you first find Joy Electric?
My dad used to do a lot of concert security and he would always pick up a CD from whatever band was there that night. Most of them he didn't really listen to, and some were even unopened, but they all ended up in this big armoire. One night I was bored and decided torummage through it to see if I could find anything good. Well, I did... I found Robot Rock. And the rest is history...

Q2) Previous to JoyE, what did you listen to?
Radio top-40 stuff. I never got very into it, except for the occasional song. I had maybe 10 CDs, and most of those I yoinked from my dad. Low-quality top-40 junk.

Q3) How has JoyE influenced your musical tastes?
It has expanded them greatly. JoyE taught me that you can find good music everywhere, if you are willing to open up your ears and give new stuff a listen.

Q4) How has JoyE influenced your life?
Well... in addition to the new view on music, JoyE is how my boyfriend and I first became friends... so yeah, it's definitely influenced my life :-D

Q5) Which JoyE albums do you own?
All of them, except the WATMM vinyl. I've even got a JoyE lollipop.

Q6) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE album, and why?
Um... Either Melody or Robot Rock, just for the poppiness of them, I guess.

Q7) In your opinion, what is the best JoyE song, and why?
Well, I have written an essay for a Comp class (which got an 'A'), so I guess either that one or one of the others...

Q8) Have you seen Ronnie perform live? What did you think of the show?
I loved it all 4 times! He puts on a great show, and watching other fans can be quite entertaining.

Q9) Have you ever talked to Ronnie before?
Yup, and I found him to be a rockin' cool, down to earth kinda guy. Extremely nice, too, willing to "cut deals" if you buy a lot, or buy a little... And he always is willing to chat with you, unlike more popular bands that barely even look at you as they spell your name wrong on the autograph...

Q10) Tell me your favorite Ronnie anecdote
Well, at the Waco show, while he was between songs trying to decide what to play next, someone yelled, "DO YOU LIKE PONIES???" He just kinda looked out and said, "No." The person responded with, "WE DON'T LIKE PONY-HATERS HERE!" Ronnie kinda stopped for a minute, then said, "Ok, our next song is..." and played the next song, never losing his cool for a moment.
That, and the time at Autobahn when I tried to get him to let Josh (who was dressed up to look like Ronnie) pretend to be him on the stage... I tried to bribe him with a cookie but he didn't go for it... but unlike some people, he didn't get too weirded out by it ^_^

Q11) What makes JoyE such a great band, to you?
The music. It's all so durn GOOD.

Q12) What kind of music do you listen to, besides JoyE?
Celtic stuff, like the Killdares, and just a bunch of other stuff.