Interview v2.0

Here goes my second attempt at an interview... There were a lot more questions that I thought of at various times, but I forgot to write them down or something, so this is only about half, believe it or not... Blast and confound my all-to-short short-term memory... But anyways, this is what I did have, and I know it is better than my first, but I know it is still not a great interview. But enjoy, a few of these questions may have been on your mind, too, if your mind is like mine...
Questions normal, >>>>>>Answers in here<<<<<<

When people ask me what type of music Joy Electric plays, I usually end of describing it as "what you would hear on the radio, only with synthesizers instead of guitars or drums." How would you describe your sound to the average top-40 listener?
>>>>>To the very average listener I usually just call what I do "electronic pop music". If they still don't get it, I'll say it's like Depeche Mode, Moby or Madonna.<<<<<

At the very beginning of "This Time", you used a very Game-Boyish sound, and it is repeated throughout the song. Would this have anything to do with the fact that people sometimes refer to Joy Electric as "Nintendo music"?
>>>>>Not at all. Those video game sounds were created with synthesizers, so anything I do is going to be compared with those types of sounds. That "nintendo" tag is usually just spoken out of an ignorance of what I do by certain people.<<<<<

"Dance to Moroder" is, as you have said, about dancing to the music of Giorgio Moroder, a musician from the late 1970's. Why did you chose to write a song about him?
>>>>>Moroder is one of the original pioneers to first use a synthesizer to make pop music, so I thought it would be fun to write a song about kids dancing to his music in a club around 1978. It has no special meaning in particular, just a light-hearted song with a big chorus.<<<<<

Every time I hear the song "Parlor Inventor," I invariably get a mental image of a haunted house. What was your influence for writing "Parlor Inventor"? Why did you decide to vocode the words so heavily that there is doubt as to whether they are actually words or not?
>>>>>For "Parlor Inventor" I just wanted to do a dark sort of ambient track, with minimal vocal sounds that were hard to decipher. It was fun to do the song because it's not typically what I do, musically speaking.<<<<<

Upon first hearing "And Without Help We Perish", most people jump to say that the song is about the CCM being against JoyE. But, taking into account your words that only a small fraction of The White Songbook is actually about the CCM, a second look at the song seems to reveal it to be about being tempted and tricked by the devil. Which view is closer to your original intent?
>>>>>Probably neither. It's really a story about the idea of being alone in your own pursuits and endeavors, without ever truly finding someone who believes in you. It's something that most people can apply to at least some instances in their lives.<<<<<

"We Are the Music Makers" is not only a line from a poem by Arthur O'Shaughnessy quoted in the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", but it is also the name of an Aphex Twin song. Which of the two is the source of the album name?
>>>>>Neither. Definitely not the Aphex song....<<<<<

Was there ever a girl from Rosewood Lane?
>>>>>Yes, but's that's all I can say about it.<<<<<

One thing you have often said is that you are working on new ways shortening the time it takes you to make a song. Your newest method for making Legacy Volume 2 is to not use MIDI. What does this mean for the sound, especially to your less musically-knowledgeable fans like myself?
>>>>>It means that the new songs will still have the kinds of sounds I typically use, but with far greater clarity, because there won't be as many going at once. There will be a sparseness to the tracks that has been lacking overall up to this point. The songs will be very pleasing to the ears.<<<<<

What is your favorite type of song to write? To perform?
>>>>>I really enjoy working on and writing the more mid-tempo songs these days, like "And Without Help...." for instance. There is just a lot you can do with songs that aren't moving at such a frantic pace. Having said that, I actually prefer performing the faster ones, but I think that's because those are the ones the fans get into more.<<<<<

As you progress and make different styles of music - for instance, the poppy CHRISTIANsongs was followed by the more artistic White Songbook - what do you think of people still asking for older songs such as The Cobbler or Drum Machine Joy?
>>>>>I think it's fine. It's flattering when people have been following you for that long, actually. I don't love performing those songs necessarily, but I don't mind people requesting them.<<<<<

It seems that every album you have put out had at least some magical elements; even CHRISTIANsongs had it's share of the magical songs. But there seems to be a lack of the fairy-tale songs in The White Songbook. Are you planning on making more of the fairy-tale-esque songs, or are you hoping to go in a completely different direction?
>>>>>I would have to disagree with that. TWSB had songs like "Shepherds...", "The Boy Who....", "Unicornucopia", "Sing Once For Me", and "The Songbook Tells All".....all of which had the kinds of elements you're speaking of. I just like to write about things that other people don't write about, so that will continue to evolve for as long as I'm doing albums.<<<<<

Compared to previous albums, what can we expect from Legacy Volume 2? Is it going to be a continuation of the story from Legacy Volume 1?
>>>>>No, it will be something brand new.<<<<<

I've heard "(I am) Made From The Wires" and I liked it. Is it going to be the "We Are Rock" of the new album, i.e., one of the few "rock" songs, or is more of the album going to be like that?
>>>>>There are going to be a few songs like that one on the record, although, I don't know if I would consider it the "rock" song as much as one of the "rocking" songs.<<<<<

Are you going to make another music video? Which song would you most like to make a video of?
>>>>>We've talked about doing another video, but we'll see what the label wants to do after the album is finished.<<<<<

Are you planning on putting out any more 3-inch "samplers"?
>>>>>That is up to the label, but I highly doubt it.<<<<<

When and why did you decide to get involved with your side-band Shepherd?
>>>>>It was just something that the label wanted me to do, and I thought it would be a fun diversion from Joy e.<<<<<

You were in Dance House Children with your brother, what made you two decide to drop that and start your own bands?
>>>>>It was just so we could each do exactly the kind of music we wanted to do, without conflict from anyone else.<<<<<

Of all of the Joy Electric albums and EPs, which one is your favorite, and why?
Which one is your least favorite?
>>>>>That's a tough call. I like "C-Songs" because I think the songs were really good, but I didn't like the way the mix turned out on it. I also like "Melody" for the same reasons. Production-wise my favorite is TWSB. My least favorite is probably a tie between "WATMM" and "Five Stars", but I do like certain things off those as well.<<<<<

You have said that you want to write the "perfect pop song." Which of your songs thus far do you consider to be the closest you have gotten?
>>>>>I think a lot of them have in terms of my own definition of what perfect pop is. It would be hard to pick one, but I just aim to write catchy, clever songs.<<<<<

I noticed that on your last tour in April you didn't bring Jeff along. Is there any reason why, or was he just unable to make it?
>>>>>Jeff has the made the decision to stop touring with Joy E at this point in time. He still does all the booking for the band.<<<<<

A lot of fans mentioned that they missed seeing you dance with the mini-synth. I know I did. What do you have to say about this?
>>>>>We'll, I'm a little more comfortable standing behind a synth than using the strap-on ones, and now that I'll be playing shows by myself, it will be even more crucial for me to have this setup, so I can play everything adequately. I have some new ideas on how to get the fans more involved with the shows, too.<<<<<

Your fans are a very dedicated group of people, some of them very zealous. How do you feel about that? Has it ever made you uncomfortable?
>>>>>I love all the fans, zealous and non-zealous alike. There have been times when it's been uncomfortable, but that's only when people get a little too serious about things. It is only music, afterall.....<<<<<

How do you feel about having such a group of people interested not only in your music, but also in your life, family, and words?
>>>>>It's flattering, but it's a lot to live up to as well.<<<<<

What do you have to say to your fans that are made fun of for listening to JoyE?
>>>>>Just remember, it's far worse for the one who actually makes the music.<<<<<

What do you have to say to those who pick on your fans for listening to JoyE?
>>>>>I would simply say, "Why so insecure?"

You have been known to warn concert-goers against the Joy Electric message boards. What exactly do you think about the boards, and why warn people against them?
>>>>>Not against the JE boards in particular, but all message boards. People start living their lives on those things, and it usually is not very healthy, because things tend to get irrational and feelings get hurt, for the most part.<<<<<

In the note below "The Magic Of", you mentioned that reading C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald had influenced the song. What are your favorite books by these authors?
>>>>>The Narnia Chronicles are my favorite fantasy books. I've read a lot of MacDonald, but I cant remember a favorite right now.<<<<<

What other books and/or authors do you recommend?
>>>>>Nobody in particular. Read whatever you discover and like. I do like Steven Lawhead.....<<<<<

You are always well-dressed and you always look good in what you are wearing. Is this something you try at, or does it just happen for you?
>>>>>Well, thanks for saying that. I just wear what I like, but I never feel like I look particularly great. It's a struggle.<<<<<

You have said that you are conservative and the liberal ideology angers you. What aspects of said ideology anger you?
>>>>>Oh, just a lot of the typical liberal rhetoric you hear in the media so much these days. There's a lot of liberal ideas working there way into the church, which is tragic.<<<<<

Any last words? Any particular verses you would like to share with your fans, or prayer needs?
>>>>>Thanks to all who continue to listen. Trust in the Lord.<<<<<