The Joy Electric Chat

Sat. June 16th, 2001, 11:00 pm (eastern time)

the chat began at 11, but must of us were there by 10 or so. a few fake ronnies showed up and made themselves known with the use of some colorful languange. other than that a fun time was had by all. And it wasn't just Ronnie, one thing that made the night really special were all the suprizes, so many people showed up we didn't expect, mainly the former rainbow rider Amy Martin! but she wasn't all, members of: Arkport, Brus, Polaris, Andy Asteroid and other bands popped in. If you couln't make it i feel bad for you, but i hope this transcript will cheeryou up! have a nice day! don't for get to visit and watch out for THE WHITE SONGBOOK this sumer!!!

-jacob graham

thank you to broken factory(.net) and especially jon pierce for putting this all together.


(Ronnie Martin) My first synth was an Ensoniq SQ 80.
    Really old. Really bad.

(Ronnie Martin) Yes. A box set is in the works.

(Ronnie Martin) Hopefully by the beginning of next

(Jon (Moderator)) How is The White Song Book coming

(Ronnie Martin) It will be done next week.

(Ronnie Martin) Out on August 28th

(Jon (Moderator)) What is the first song you wrote
    for Joy Electric?

(Ronnie Martin) I think it was Drum Machine Joy.

(Ronnie Martin) Or Bee Hoping.

(Jon (Moderator)) What is your fav. Joy E song?

(Ronnie Martin) Oh man. Probably The Magic Of

(Ronnie Martin) Or Birds Will Sing.

(Ronnie Martin) Hard to say.

(Jon (Moderator)) Ronnie, Everyone is asking....Dont
    feel like you have to answer...what is your
    middle name?

(Ronnie Martin) Joseph.

(Jon (Moderator)) Will Farmyard Fables ever be

(Ronnie Martin) Probably on the box set. Or something

(Jon (Moderator)) Who was your first inspiration to
    write music?

(Ronnie Martin) Keith Green.

(Ronnie Martin) And then Daniel Amos.

(Ronnie Martin) And then New Order.

(Jon (Moderator)) Any Songs in paticular from Keith?

(Ronnie Martin) I really love "Asleep in the Light"
    and "When I Hear the Praises Start".

(Jon (Moderator)) There was a rumor going around that
    Joy E was being looked at by Capitol Records.

(Ronnie Martin) Yeah, Capitol wanted to do a deal
    when Rocot Rock came out, but it never worked out.

(Jon (Moderator)) Favorite Smiths Song?

(Ronnie Martin) The Boy With the Thorn in his Side.

(Jon (Moderator)) Apart from Christiansongs....Your
    fav. Joy Electric CD. The one youre most happy

(Ronnie Martin) I like Melody.

(Jon (Moderator)) Over the years, you have written a
    handful of sad songs. Why? Do you think its
    important for the scene? Or is it personal

(Ronnie Martin) I just like sad and beuatiful tunes.
    Simple as that, really.

(Jon (Moderator)) If you were to cover a New Order
    song, which would you prefer?

(Ronnie Martin) True Faith or 1963

(Jon (Moderator)) The White Song Book has
    instrumentals? Anything like on Melody?

(Ronnie Martin) Not really. Some of these are a
    little more in depth.

(Jon (Moderator)) TWSB: Lots of tracks?

(Ronnie Martin) Yes. A lot.

(Ronnie Martin) 14 track album.

(Ronnie Martin) 74 minutes I think.

(Ronnie Martin) Sorry so long everybody.

(Ronnie Martin) I meant...sorry it took so long to

(Jon (Moderator)) We never really heard much from you
    concerning Unelectric. Thoughts on the album as a

(Ronnie Martin) I really like Unelectric. One of my
    favorite records I've done for sure.

(Jon (Moderator)) Any music videos in the making?

(Ronnie Martin) Not yet. Probably soon though. I
    really dont know exactly.

(Ronnie Martin) We just do videos when the label
    calls and tells us to make one.

(Jon (Moderator)) Do you like making music videos?

(Ronnie Martin) I really dont. I'm not an actor so
    it's kind of awkward. It's hard work.

(Jon (Moderator)) Is PQMQ going to do any work along
    side Tooth and Nail in the future?

(Ronnie Martin) I'm sure we will do some more PQMQ
    projects with T&N.

(Ronnie Martin) We just sort of talk about them as
    they come.

(Jon (Moderator)) Where do you want PQMQ to be in 10

(Ronnie Martin) Putting out good bands like Soviet.

(Ronnie Martin) I hope you all have bought Soviet.

(Jon (Moderator)) Most important to you...Joy E or

(Jon (Moderator)) just kidding

(Jon (Moderator)) dont answer that

(Ronnie Martin) Good question. Probably Joy E, but I
    still put 100% into both. It's different
    depending on what's being worked on at the time.

(Jon (Moderator)) What have you been listening to
    lately? anything new?

(Ronnie Martin) Autechre, Radiohead, Air, Depeche.

(Ronnie Martin) Nothing really. Mainly old Human
    League records.

(make-believe) HEY RONNIE: what did you think of the
    new Depeche Mode?

(Ronnie Martin) Mediocre but some nice sounds.

(Chris) Ronnie : what are your thoughts on listening
    to secular music?

(Ronnie Martin) Just be careful what you listen too.
    Christian or secular.

(Jon (Moderator)) What synth should a poor boy look
    for if he wants to start making synthesizer based

(Ronnie Martin) I recommend getting the new Korg
    Electric synth and drum machine.

(Ronnie Martin) Electribe. Sorry.

(Jon (Moderator)) Is there a Joy e song that you wish
    you didnt write?

(Ronnie Martin) There are some that I wish I hadn't
    recorded becsause I didn't spend enough time on.

(Ronnie Martin) A few on Robot Rock for sure.

(Jon (Moderator)) Which?

(Ronnie Martin) Probably Strawberry Heart, Berry
    Patch. I like the songs, but they needed more

(Ronnie Martin) Forever is a Place. I really like
    that one.

(Ronnie Martin) But it needed more time.

(Jon (Moderator)) What is the new live set up like
    for the next Joy E tour?

(Ronnie Martin) Just me on lead synthesizer, Jeff on
    Synths, and Todd Gilliland on the drumkit.

(Jon (Moderator)) Do you like Sports?

(Ronnie Martin) I love motocross. My favorite sport.
    I love it more than music....

(Jon (Moderator)) Your fav festival?

(Ronnie Martin) Purple Door.

(Jon (Moderator)) WIll there ever be a "Pink" album?

(Ronnie Martin) Anything is possible...

(Jon (Moderator)) Lifeguard 20? Explain.

(Ronnie Martin) It's a song about my wife and our
    first date together.

(Chris) aww

(Aaron) awwww

(secret_boy) :)

(theconsolationproject) *sniff* :(

(Ronnie Martin) Yeah, yeah, yeah.....

(Jon (Moderator)) Are you recognized on the streets?

(Ronnie Martin) Occassionally.

(moron) yeah, people probably think he's one of the
    back street boys

(Ronnie Martin) I wish....

(Jon (Moderator)) Your thoughts on the church,
    religion etc...

(Ronnie Martin) That's a little broad.......narrow it
    down a little.

(Ronnie Martin) The Bible instryct us to interact
    with other Christians so we should definitely
    have a church we call home.

(Jon (Moderator)) you've played in a band called Rose?

(Jon (Moderator)) Tell is about that.

(Ronnie Martin) Randy Rose was my roomate for awhile
    so I ended up playing some stuff on his records.
    I was never in the band.

(Jon (Moderator)) What were some other names
    presented to Tooth and Nail for what we now call
    Joy E.

(Ronnie Martin) That is a secret.....

(Ronnie Martin) They are all embarrasing.

(Ronnie Martin) Like Joy E

(Jon (Moderator)) Own any guitars? Which?

(Ronnie Martin) Sold all of my guitars. I just use
    Jason's when I need one.

(Jon (Moderator)) Joy E and Fashion have always
    walked hand in hand as a good band should. Any
    new looks?

(Ronnie Martin) We kind of have an old World War II/
    1940's look going on the new one.

(Ronnie Martin) As you can see by going to

(jacob) fashion is way more important than music

(Ronnie Martin) That's true.

(Jon (Moderator)) Shows. Best turnout? Worst?

(Ronnie Martin) Worst turnout: 1 person

(Jon (Moderator)) Most embarrasing moment on stage

(Ronnie Martin) Tripping over some wires. It happens
    almost every show.

(Ronnie Martin) Horribly embarassing.

(make-believe) RONNIE:  do you plan on playin NYC at
    all?  with Soviet would be nice too...

(Ronnie Martin) We will be playing NY, but not NYC.

(Ronnie Martin) We will be going on tour in September.

(Jon (Moderator)) With all the hype on Radiohead,
    what are your thoughts?

(Ronnie Martin) Cool sounds, no songs.

(Ronnie Martin) I like Kid A and Amnesiac because I
    wish more bands would make records like that. I
    wish they wrote better songs to go with the
    sounds, though.

(Ronnie Martin) Yeah. But I think Kid A is better
    than the new one.

(Jon (Moderator)) Thoughts on Madonna?

(Ronnie Martin) I like Madonna's music a lot.

(Ronnie Martin) The last two albums were good.

(Ronnie Martin) And I like the really old stuff like
    "Into the Groove". Great song.

(Jon (Moderator)) oh yes!

(Jon (Moderator)) Bjork?

(Ronnie Martin) I like Bjork alot. Homogenic being my
    favorite by far.

(make-believe) RONNIE:  any favorite TV shows??

(Ronnie Martin) The Wonder Years.

(Jon (Moderator)) Fav. mainstream artists ?

(Ronnie Martin) I dont know. Tough question.

(Ronnie Martin) I like Janet jackson a lot.

(Ronnie Martin) But her new stuff is a little raw for
    my tastes.

(Ronnie Martin) I liked that David Gray song, Babylon.

(Ronnie Martin) Mainstream, Indie, it doesn't matter
    to me. There's good music, and bad music. Only
    teo kinds, really.

(Jon (Moderator)) You like Classical Music?

(Jon (Moderator)) Listen to it much?

(Ronnie Martin) I do like calssical music but I never
    listen to it anymore. I like old school ambient
    stuff like Jean Michele Jarre.

(Jon (Moderator)) Any movies you want to see?

(Ronnie Martin) I just saw Atlantis today.

(Ronnie Martin) It was ok. Not great.

(Ronnie Martin) I'm really looking forward to The
    Lord of the Rings.

(Jon (Moderator)) What do you think of Electronic
    underground scene?

(Ronnie Martin) I like some trance stuff, but I
    mainly listen to German electronic stuff like To
    Roccoco Rot. That's what I like mostly. IDM stuff.

(make-believe) RONNIE: what is  your stance on
    politics?  conservative? liberal? neither?

(Ronnie Martin) I am conservative.

(Ronnie Martin) Silence after I say conservative

(myname) is conserv. democrat or repub.?

(Ronnie Martin) Republican.

(Ronnie Martin) I'm not extremely political, but
    liberal ideaology really get's me angry at times.

(Jon (Moderator)) any advice for kids trying to start
    their own bands?

(Ronnie Martin) Start a band and work hard.

(Ronnie Martin) Never give up.

(Ronnie Martin) The bands that do stuff are the bands
    that simply DO SOMETHING.

(Ronnie Martin) You guys should all be starting bands.

(Jon (Moderator)) Ever sign a band to PQMQ who is not
    strictly Electronic?

(Ronnie Martin) Yes. House of Wires.

(Ronnie Martin) Fine China.

(Jon (Moderator)) Drum Machines used for Melody?

(Ronnie Martin) Yes. A Roland R-8 MK 2. And some

(Ronnie Martin) No more drum mavhines for now though.

(Jon (Moderator)) Before you have been quoted as
    saying something along the lines of "Making music
    like I do can be frustrating and very boring"
    (7ball). Explain.

(Ronnie Martin) Well...

(Ronnie Martin) I work all by myslef so it tends to
    get  and difficult at times. I have to wait until
    ideas come my way.

(Ronnie Martin) I want to make records a little
    faster, too, but they seem to be taking longer
    these days.

(Jon (Moderator)) So, why does Jeff Cloud get
    mentioned in CD's as contributing

(Jon (Moderator)) YOU DESERVE ALL THE CREDIT!!!!

(Jon (Moderator)) sorry

(Ronnie Martin) Jeff contributes in other areas.
    There's more to runnung a band than just doing
    the records.

(make-believe) Ronnie:  how much time a week do you
    spend on making music??

(Ronnie Martin) It depends. Right now I'm spending
    all my weeks finishing.

(Jon (Moderator)) Songwriting. What comes first?

(Ronnie Martin) My choruses all come first.

(Ronnie Martin) I'll think of a songtitle and than
    write a chorus around it.

(Ronnie Martin) Or the other way around.

(make-believe) Ronnie:  so the vocal hooks come
    before the music??

(Ronnie Martin) Yes

(Ronnie Martin) The music isn't started until I have
    a complete song.

(Jon (Moderator)) Drive A Lot (Trucks)? Or just make

(Ronnie Martin) A little of both most of the time.

(make-believe) Ronnie: what's your musical
    background?  can you play /read music??

(Jon (Moderator)) Will you grow taller than jaqe
    because it makes him feel wierd.?

(jacob) geeze you didn't have to say my name

(Ronnie Martin) I'm not very tall! Jaqe is taller for

(Jon (Moderator)) Did you have to wear 26 red tred
    during the  5 stars era?

(Ronnie Martin) No. I got an endorement deal from
    them but I didn't HAVE to wear the stuff. I
    didn't like it anyway.

(Ronnie Martin) Not much came of it.

(benjamin) Ronnie, fav song on the new album so far?

(Ronnie Martin) I dont know. I like them all.

(make-believe) Ronnie: what's your musical
    background? can you write/read music or really
    play an instrument?

(Ronnie Martin) I can read music. I'm a piano guy.
    Lessons for 12 years.

(Ronnie Martin) But I also play guitar and drums as

(rainy day) when did you pick up guitar?

(Ronnie Martin) A long time ago

(Jon (Moderator)) Do you like Eve?

(Ronnie Martin) The Hip -Hop girl?

(Jon (Moderator)) Yes.

(Ronnie Martin) Never heard her.

(indiot) favorite band on t&n right  now?

(Ronnie Martin) Fine China and SF

(benjamin) Ronnie anything like SF/JE getting
    together for a song?

(Ronnie Martin) No collaborations.

(Jon (Moderator)) Is Amy Martin involved in anything
    musically today?

(Ronnie Martin) No. Amy is not musical at all. Just a
    beautiful face.

(Ronnie Martin) Jon where are you?

(Jon (Moderator)) Joy E. How long are the shows going
    to run?

(Ronnie Martin) Hopefully about 45 minutes.

(Ronnie Martin) To an hour.

(Ronnie Martin) We try to give you your money's worth.

(Jon (Moderator)) Thank you.

(gabe) how much is our money?

(Ronnie Martin) I dont know. Ask Jeff.

(Ronnie Martin) That's his department.

(Amy) hi ronnie

(Ronnie Martin) Hi Amy

(Jon (Moderator)) Joy Electric is thought of by some
    as Nintendo Music.....thoughts?

(Ronnie Martin) I guess it sounds like that if you've
    never heard an analogue synth.

(Amy) how's the family?

(Ronnie Martin) The families, good.

(Amy) yes, it's me, amy martin, I am now amy sims

(Amy) no, I don't usually post

    TO C-STONE!!!!

(Amy) my autograph? I'm not that cool :)

(Jon (Moderator)) Fav. songs to perform live?

(Ronnie Martin) We Are Rock, Monosynth, anything new,

(theconsolationproject) why now amy sims?

(Amy) that would be because I'm married

(theconsolationproject) never mind i thought amy
    martin was jasons wife

(Amy) no, I'm jason's sister, that would be a little

(theconsolationproject) wait whats jasons wifes name

(Amy) julie

(Amy) just wanted to say hi to my brother

(Jon (Moderator)) Live drums on new tour correct?

(Ronnie Martin) Yes.

(Jon (Moderator)) Where is Caleb.? What happened?

(Ronnie Martin) He just moved to Nashville. I miss

(Amy) nope, I didn't get the cool genes my brothers

(Amy) no, I'm proud of my brothers

(rainy day) would you ever do the boy w.a thorn

(Ronnie Martin) I dont know. I dont like covers.

(Ronnie Martin) Whenever one of my favorite bands
    does a cover, I just wish they would've done a
    new song.

(Jon (Moderator)) TWSB: how long have you beed
    wanting to do a sort of trilogy?

(Jon (Moderator)) and why?

(Ronnie Martin) I've been wanting to a big concept
    series for awhile.

(Jon (Moderator)) Kraftwerk: Good Songs or just

(Ronnie Martin) Both, I think. They write these
    catchy little phrases that are brilliant, I think.

(Jon (Moderator)) How would you describe joy e's
    style? (synthpop,..etc)

(Ronnie Martin) Call it whatever you want. I dont
    think we sound particularly 80's though, so
    that's why I avoid the whole "synthpop" label.

(daniel) are there words to parlor inventor?

(Ronnie Martin) The words to Parlor Inventor are as
    follows: Parlor Inventor

(Jon (Moderator)) How cool are you to hang out with?

(Jon (Moderator)) a people person?

(Ronnie Martin) I'm not that cool. I just like eating
    out and stuff.

Ronnie Martin) And going to the music store.

(Amy) c'mon ronnie, you're a blast to hang out with

(Ronnie Martin) Oh yeah...

(Jon (Moderator)) WIll Joy E ever cover classical

(Ronnie Martin) I highly doubt it. No more covers
    most likely. Only new material.

(Jon (Moderator)) Joy Electric is the fav. band for
    many of us here. For many people all around the
    world. Did you think Joy E would ever get a large
    following like it does today?

(Ronnie Martin) Well...i dont think we have a huge
    following, just devoted. It is growing though, so
    I'm thankful for that.

(Ronnie Martin) I appreciate everyone who buys the

(Jon (Moderator)) Joy E is described by some people
    as "Gay" music. In the sense that It is music for
    Gay People. How does that make you feel?

(Ronnie Martin) music has always been
    associated with the gay community, so there's not
    much I can do about that. But I dont make dance
    msuic anyway.

(Jon (Moderator)) what you guys?? i wanted to know.
    who cares.

(Ronnie Martin) Good question, Jon.

(gabe) hey ronnie. what do you think of industrial
    music (deitiphobia, cirlce of dust, mortal)

(Ronnie Martin) I like some of the newer industrial
    stuff like Covenant and Apoptygma Berzerk.

(indiot) ronnie one last time COME TO ST. PETERSBURG

(Ronnie Martin) We will come to Florida in the Fall.

(Ronnie Martin) I really appreciate all of the

(Amy) bye ronnie

(Amy) my fave song is

(Amy) keep him in your thoughts

(Amy) ronnie is actually a great guy

(Amy) he was always so nice to me

(Amy) as a little sis

(Amy) he actually didn't even get in trouble that much

(Amy) he was great

(lulu) did jason pee on the floor?

(Amy) I don't know!

(Amy) my brothers don't fight

(Amy) keith and kim were moved out

(Amy) when I was super young

(Amy) I didn't really grow up with them

(Amy) keith is almost 40

(Amy) and kim is 38

(jacob) how old are you amy??

(Amy) 24

(Amy) ronnie was all a's

(lulu) were you a cheerleader, amy?

(Amy) no.........

(jacob) amy, what are all your sibling's middle

(Amy) hmm.....leigh joseph james rebecca

(Amy) I can't remember keith's

(Amy) ronnie loved spiderman

(Amy) ronnie loves equals too :)

(Amy) I like equal too, sweet in low tastes weird