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Joy Electric. An ever-evolving band if I've ever seen one. No matter your tastes, you can find a JoyE album to suit them. Each album is unique and different from the rest, but there is a common thread that links them all together, that makes me thoroughly Joy Electric in nature. It's hard to put into words but once you hear it you know that sound, that Joy Electricalness. If you are a new Joy Electric fan and have somehow stumbled onto my site, and you found it helpful, please feel free to shoot me an email and tell me. I love feedback, and I promise I don't bite...

While you are here, check out all 511 of the pictures in our gallery. Also, be sure to add yourself to the Joy Electric Frappr Map! Please let me know if you find anything broken, ugly, or typoed on here. I've checked the links and gotten rid of all the broken ones, and it's looking a little bare, so if you have any that I don't, let me know. This website is the result of me hoarding information that y'all give me, so help a girl out!

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Is there life after the end of youth?

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