Montgolfier and the Romantic Balloons

This EP was released November 15, 2005. It features 5 new songs, 3 remixes (one each by Travelogue, Freezepop, and Goodnight Star), and a track previously released on vinyl only. The songs are lighter than those on Ministry of Archers, and are strongly reminiscent of older Joy Electric albums such as Melody or Old Wives Tales. If you cannot get a copy of the older albums, this EP would be a suitable replacement.

Program A: Montgolfier and the Romantic Balloons
The Romantic Balloons
You Forget
The Fifth Point of the Compass
At Last, An Atlas
The Brass Stopped Before the Second Mooring

Program B: Other Archers
The Ministry of Archers (travelogue remix)
Quite Quieter Than Spiders (charlotte's remix)
Most Terrible Archer (goodnight star remix)
Octuplet Down (previously released on vinyl only)