Where are all the pictures???


Calm down, calm down, they are all safely on the interweb, in this folder.

Yes, this is a total cop-out.

Yes, I am lazy.

BUT, would you rather have all of these pictures in a nice, pretty unfinished gallery on my hard drive, or on your internet brower (Firefox, right?) in all their un-HTMLed glory?

There are 511 pictures in there, and I really, really didn't feel like making a gallery, since I hand-code everything. Maybe someday I'll get around to making something snazzy, but until then, click here and look at all the pretties.

Oh, and please don't steal the images, and ask for the photographer's permission before using any of the images for anything. I asked permission to use all of these (as far as I know, anyways, feel free to correct me if you see anything of yours on here!) Oh, and no hotlinking, please. I like my bandwidth right where it is. :-)